There is only ever one reason to do something professionally. And that is simply to do it better than anyone else. To be the best. For yourself, and for the team depending on you. Engineworks began in 2000 as Ted Green’s tech industry "nom de geurre", his original singular focus on Apple consumer technology services. And just as a man named John Deere moved on from blacksmithing, Ted’s throughly enjoyed moving his industry focus forward, and many times ahead of the trends and directions of media and mobile-centric technologies with industry prescience.

While providing Enterprise Apple Ecosystem leadership for world renown film restoration and Hollywood DVD production shops through 2004, Ted became one of the few lone voices calling disc-based media (DVD’s, CD’s, etc.) futureless. Through his early streaming media projects and partnerships with companies like ClearChannel and X Factor Communications, Ted and Engineworks forged exciting new paths in the post disc-based era in the streaming and download medium.

In 2007 Ted described the time honored enterprise user-desktop and "big iron" server architecture as a legacy strategy. Some still think he’s off on this one but his client’s cloud data eating iPhones, iPads, Android and Windows Mobile devices are doing just fine, thank you. In fact Ted’ projects as manager of media asset services-to-web and mobile have born big fruit for his clients that concur with his view of technology trends. Oh. And the future of paper-print media? A mere niche item.

From 2011 to early 2013 Engineworks assisted powerhouse venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers in driving their new interest, online flash sales startup One Kings Lane to mega success by introducing big-picture industry standards, concepts and practices such as project management, emphasis on a mobile BYOD work force , as well as digital media asset management, with One Kings Lane leadership describing Ted Green as "…a remarkable, forward thinking force and a major asset to our efforts."


Photo courtesy of the BBC. Copyright 2013.


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